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September 2023. Congratulations to Lance V. for bringing home the GOLD 🥇and Bryan for the BRONZE🥉 at the IBJJF World Master Championships in Las Vegas, NV.

September 2023. Congratulations to Bryan R. for winning 3rd🥉 at the IBJJF World Master Championships in Las Vegas, NV!


Sept 2022. Our team has done it again! Congratulations to Nick Lamentola and Chris Fisher. They brought home a medal of each color this year! Nick won GOLD and SILVER at the IBJJF International Jiu Jitsu Con and Chris win a BRONZE medal at the IBJJF World Master Championships in Las Vegas, NV

11/2021 IBJJF Jiu Jitsu World Masters Championships in Las Vegas Nevada


Congratulations to Chris F. who won GOLD!!! at the IBJJF Jiu Jitsu World Masters Championships in Las Vegas Nevada on November 13, 2021. Not only did he take the gold but was also awarded his brown belt on the podium. We are on cloud nine from this week!

Also noteworthy, Stephen F. and Bryan R. placed at the Jiu Jitsu Con Novice with Bryan winning SILVER and Steve winning BRONZE!

Meanwhile, at home, our kids won several medals at the Grappling Industries Tournament in Wayne, MI! Congratulations kiddos! You make us all so proud!! A special shout out the coaches Joe, Mike, Casey and Drew while Professor was at the Worlds!

02/13/2021 Grappling Industries Tournament

We are so proud to announce we have taken the Kids Overall Team Award home to our gym!!! All of our competing kids won a medal! #downriverbjj #jiujitsuforlifeteam

12/24/2020 In Memoriam:

Kim was one of my first students when I opened Downriver Jiu-Jitsu 10 years ago. He was such an inspiration in gym. Started training at the age of 64, this guy trained 4-5 days per week. He would regularly grapple with people half his age and routinely submit some of them. He would always tell me that some day he would submit me and we would have a laugh together. He was a good example that we can do amazing things at any age. He will be greatly missed.

August 24, 2019

IBJJF World Master Jiu Jitsu Championship / Las Vegas International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 

This week has been an exciting week for our school. In the past months, we have been preparing for these tournaments and are excited to claim our training camp a success. Of 8,000 competitors registered this year, our team’s own Shawn Gauvin (Master) will be bringing home a Silver medal in the blue belt division. Cody McGough (Adult) will be bringing home a Bronze in the purple belt adult division. It can not be understated the level of Jiu Jitsu excellence these men have brought to the mats. We would to take a moment to thank all the members of Downriver Jiu Jitsu and Jiu Jitsu for Life teams for helping us prepare for these tournaments.

Downriver Jiu Jitsu’s, Shawn Gauvin takes the Silver at the 2019 IBJJF World Masters!

April 11, 2019

Brent gets his second stripe!! The highest rank BJJ black belt in the area!

Professor Brent received his second degree stripe on his black belt April 11, 2019.  He is now working toward receiving his IBJJF referee certificate and expects to be awarded his certificate in May 2019.  This certificate requires a criminal background check and an up to date First Aid/CPR card.

March 2019

Congratulations to all the competitors that went to the Toledo Open in March 2019. We would like to take an opportunity to highlight Ryan who took 1st place and Alivia who took 2nd place! Our adults also did a great job! Props to Kelsea, Patrick, and Cody all bringing home gold! Adrian taking silver! Steve and Brett bring home the bronze! #downriverjiujitsu#jiujitsuforlifeteam #badgerstylebjj #wherechampionstrain #downrivermi

November 11, 2018

Congratulations to all the competitors that went to the IBJJF Cincinnati International Open Championship, November 11, 2018!

Shawn brings home double gold!!Shane taking double gold home for DRBJJ Cody brings home a gold!

Jeff and Kyle bring home silvers!Jeff and Kyle take Silver home for DRBJJ

Kelsey wins silver!!

Jiu Jitsu for Life team takes second place overall in the Championships!! Hats off to all the competitors!!

November 9, 2018

We would like to wish all the competitors going to the IBJJF Cincinnati International Open Championship GOOD LUCK!!  Our Brown belt competitor Jeff Maloney will be there  this Sunday so classes will resume on Monday as usual! See you on the mats!

October 30, 2018

Our kids class has been up and running for several months now and we are proud to see our kids learning all the jiu jitsu basics.  We are working on introducing more complex techniques as the kids get the hang of rolling on the mats!  Some of our kids did their first competition at the Michigan Open October 20, 2018 and we won some medals!!  Four of our six junior competitors won medals!  Congratulations to Alivia, Serenity, Ryan and Gavin!!!

Our adults didn’t do so shabby themselves!! Congratulations to Kelsey and Shawn for bringing home some gold! Bling Bling!!! Shine on guys!

July 19, 2018

Downriver Jiu Jitsu had the pleasure of promoting our long time friend and student, Kim to the BROWN BELT tonight!!! Kim is 73 years young is very deserving of his belt.  At his age, he does not shy away from rolling with younger and bigger students or complain about not getting promoted.  He is just a pure hard worker, period!!  He has become an inspiration for all of us.  Congratulations Kim! #downriverjiujitsu #earnednotgiven #jiujitsuforlifeteam #downrivermi#downrivermichigan

July 7, 2018

Congratulations to all the students that competed today at the Buckeye Border! Cody and Racheal take home GOLD! in their weight class.  Racheal also took 2nd in the open weight division. #downriverjiujitsu#downriverstrong #downrivermi #riverview#earnednotgiven#jiujitsuforlifeteam

April 27, 2018

Hey guys! Hope you noticed we just launched our new website! Let us know if you have any suggestions! We love hearing your thoughts and opinions! Our goal is always to have happy members. This weekend is the 2018 NAGA WORLD GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIP in New Jersey. Good Luck to all our Jiu Jitsu for Life team affiliate competitors!! Safe journey to all those traveling from Michigan to support their teammates! See you when you get back Downriver! #DownriverJiuJitsu #JiuJitsu #Riverview #Brazilian Jiu Jitsu #BJJ